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Holistic digital media is a creative production company driven by passion for clear and effective communication. With a firm grasp on all aspects of the media production process we aim to deliver precise outcomes on time. By balancing the various production resources we'll turn your concept into reality. Problem solving and the pursuit of unique solutions are at the core of our creative methodology.

Why use Video?

Well produced video is one of the best ways to clearly deliver information. As a sales tool it holds many obvious benefits:

  • Sales people deliver a unified and perfectly crafted message
  • Excellent device to communicate with a large audience
  • Cost-effective marketing

Using animation and multimedia in conjunction with video signifacantly broadens the scope of information delivery: from assisting with the explanation of abstract concepts to the visualisation of future projects.

View our 2010 Showreel here


Gauteng|South Africa


Recent Projects

CSIR - Biodiesel from Algae

Produce a 10 minute video case study for a CSIR Biodiesel project. Drive the story with researcher interviews.

Stakeholder presentation.